Thursday, July 31, 2014

Waking the Dead

I'm really not morbid. No, I'm not. In fact, the fascination I'm finding in the stories of a bunch of dead people brings them to life.  My mom has been doing serious, and I mean serious genealogical research for a few years. It keeps her curiosity gene humming. We talk about her discoveries quite a bit. I've decided to do some filling in of my dad's side of the family though since she has only done the rudiments of research there.

I vaguely remember them, those great uncles and aunts. My great grandmother Florence I remember much better, but she died when I was 22 and I can sum it all up here:  He Looked Down Upon Me and Laughed. It's a family of farmers and laborers - just regular hard-working folk who were born, got married, popped out some kids, and died from what I've found so far. Stubborn, too, from what I hear. This makes "me" a little bit clearer.

While I would no sooner speak up in a room of strangers than I would give myself a lobotomy with a spoon and no anesthesia, I have absolutely no problem calling or knocking on someone's door if I actually want information from them.

Since I've moved here, I've been overwhelmed by a lack of interest in almost everything.  I'd rather watch the hours of DVR things I recorded all week in one sitting or take a nap and read a couple of books than leave my house to go anywhere.

But, I'm taking a road trip this Saturday to this family's town about 40 miles from here to gather some information and visit some cemeteries. I might even find a living relative or two to surprise.These are things I don't expect anyone to want to do with me, but when I mentioned I was going to my daughter, she wanted to go.  She plans on wearing her "Undertaker" cosplay costume so we can do a photo shoot by the tombstones. Whatever it takes. I like the idea of spending the day with her and it will be cathartic to leave town for a few hours.

I just wonder what I'll have missed on DVR this week.

Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Been Years. In Fact, a Lifetime

I didn't even realize this was still here. And, on the spur of the moment, I've decided to see where this takes me.

In the past two years, a lot has happened.  I uncoupled from whomever the latest love was. Moved to another part of the country.  Spent two years hating my job which wasn't the job I took but resolute that they will part with me and not me them. Severance, you know. Still waiting, basically, for the multi-year reorganization to finally catch me.  Lost two dogs.  Missed old friends.  Gained family. Found home again.

I'm going to try to put down my thoughts about what's happened and the impact it's had on me here. Reintegrating into the place I grew up has been full of ups and downs - most of which I've kept to myself. Which, I've learned, is what we do.